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Don’t Neglect These Points When You Want To Book a Wedding Venue

Your wedding invite list is of thousand guests and you select a wedding venue of only 500 guests, not have the capacity to accommodate your requirement. If this way you go, you are dumb. You should always remember that the selection of a wedding venue depends on your guests' list, which you ignore thinking that you have the benefit of saving money while it has caused you troubles in reverse. 

As your wedding function starts and you take entry with your bride, you see that the whole wedding venue looks like there are so many insects there going into each other, so more crowds. This happens when you neglect intentionally the importance of wedding venue only to save a little amount of money which in reverse increases your wedding budget. 

And embarrassing you also feel. Banquet hall, resort, hotel, palace, and wedding lawn; there are a number of wedding venues you can choose but you need to pay attention to your guests' list. There are wedding venues in Bangalore that you can book according to your budget if your destination wedding in the city. 

Okay we understand that sometimes misses and mistake happen that cause troubles but there are reasons behind it that’s why they happen. We are telling you those reasons or giving you important pointers that you need to pay heed provided next time anyone in your family and friends don’t repeat the same mistake that you have done, even at that time when you suggest or advise to someone.

Crucial pointers to consider when you select a wedding venue:

Your wedding charmers, guest list: just don’t sit up from your chairs and go to book a wedding venue instantly without considering the guest list what others are talking about and making it. Foremost your guest list must be ready and finalized. The numbers of your guests decide and give you an idea about what kind of wedding venue you need to book. It must have the capacity to accommodate all the guests that you are inviting in your wedding. Otherwise half of your guests would be waiting outside in a queue waiting for their turn to get in.

Type of wedding venue: when your guest list has become finalized, you need to see which wedding venue you need to book whether it is a hotel, banquet hall, resort, wedding lawn, or any old royal palace of king and queen. According to your requirements you need to choose your option smartly, and yes keep guest list in mind.

Wedding location: you want your guest miles to walk only to attend your wedding? Some close ones can but not everyone. So your wedding location when you select should not be very far. Means it should be in around 10 or 20 km of distance, not much like 50 or 100. Because if your wedding location is that far, guests don’t wish to come to attend your wedding. Hence the venue of your wedding should be accessible.

Basic amenities & facilities you want:  it is not only about wedding venue that matters. There should be basic amenities must be there and facilities you want and demand. Else there is no any point to book such a wedding venue which is not fulfilling what facilities you are demanding, not at all. Hence always you must keep this point in your mind.

Budget: budget is also the thing, and the most important. Whatever your budget is, you need to select within the wedding venue. If your budget doesn’t match then move to other location rather than wasting your time.

Time factor: your wedding is next week and you are searching for a wedding venue now, then you are the dumbest of all. Try to search and book the wedding venue four months earlier or six. The more earlier you book, better for you.  

If you are somehow very busy that you can’t search wedding venue by walking miles or don’t have time then you can search on Shaadidukaan.com, which is an online wedding market available in your city. 
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