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Everything You Need To Know About Setting Out Surveys

A set-out survey is used to set out the exact position of a proposed structure on a piece of land within the legal boundaries. It involves the extraction of data from drawings and plans, to then precisely mark out features on the ground surface. To begin excavation of trenches required for a building's foundation, the builder must know the positions and levels of building lines shown on the construction plans of the ground. This kind of survey is extremely important when preparing for any type of construction work. When it comes to large-scale projects, such as high-rise buildings and developments, multiple set-out surveys may be needed as the construction progresses.

The function of setting out is to establish the position of the trench and wall of the house as well as the position of corners and rooms. The most commonly used method for setting out is the peg or rope method which is best suited for small and medium constructions. For big construction projects, the dumpy level is used.

Why is Precise Setting Out important?

Correct setting out is a crucial element of a project. Incorrectly placed items can cause major problems and hence setting out are important for several reasons.
  1. Legal boundary
Setting out surveys allow for the construction to be done within the legal boundaries, thereby ensuring there are no boundary disputes later on. Positioning your foundations too high or building too close to a boundary may cause problems with a structure being built too high for instance. The consequences of a building being in the incorrect place can be quite expensive.
  1. Precise building
Setting out surveys enable the construction team to build exactly to plan as markers are physically laid out in front of them. For instance, to have a pile at the wrong place can be extremely costly and may require removal and replacement causing delays and significant costs.

When are Set-Out Surveys needed?

Setting out surveys are recommended when building anything from a small dwelling to a high-rise or major commercial building; to building roads, tunnels, bridges; to doing any extensions to existing buildings.

Setting out is the process of developing the physical position of corners and walls of a building, and is done by transferring dimensions from the layout plan (also called setting out plan) to the ground. Setting out defines the outline of the excavations and the center of the walls so that the construction can be carried out according to the plan.

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