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How co working industry is expected to evolve in the coming years?

With the world take a step towards gig economy, apart from pre-leased commercial property in New Delhi, co working spaces are gaining prominence. People have taken a liking to work towards part time positions rather than being full time employees whereby undermining traits of a traditional economy. It has also provided an advantage for an employer to hire talent from any region of the globe. The trend of co working spaces is catching up big time with equal stress on conformity to office rules and regulations. More and more companies rather than choosing pre-leased property in New Delhi are exploring option of co working spaces. This is a medium where freelancers and complementary workers work hand in glove to help each other.

As per the trends of co working spaces in 2019, the focus would be on technological advancements towards work spaces. Visitor automated management, access cards; tie trackers will help you to take stock of co working spaces without any hassles along with least amount of human interference. Tools like Cobot along with Desk time ensures that your desks are always full. This literally means that co-workers can use your space. Similar software applications are there in the market which charges users as per the hours used along with equipment along with other facilities. Slack is another tool that you can look up to for establishing connection among people.

The concept of Block chain technology is picking up with every organization. Keeping in mind the needs of the crypto currency market it was formulated. For co working it has emerged as a promising sign as co working spaces are incorporating them into their office set up. A technological integration has taken place which helps in management of complex tasks like payments, procurement or managing agreements. The real benefit of Block chain technology will be directed towards property management. Relying on concept of block chain technology, small leasing transactions would take place.

An employee goes on to spend nearly 40 hours a week at their workplace. Companies do take stock of the needs that a healthy work place is a must for an employer. In this regard they are incorporating plants to their work place. To reduce stress and ensure maximum productivity it is a definite must. Moss walls or simple indoor potted plants would replicate a great look to your office. Organizations are also considering the benefits of a biopic work design.

The top notch organizations are considering option of their presence in almost all cities. As per their convenience a co-worker can go on to choose a location of their choice. This is the case with business men or frequent travellers. The concept of co working spaces means that the space can be used in conjuncture with other workers for fixed number of hours.

With the coming year, the trend of co working office spaces is emerging in stature. More and more companies are likely to adapt it because of its versatility and flexibility.

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