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The Support of the Meat Wholesalers

When entering the retail market of sausages and other meat products, stores are obliged to pay due attention to partnerships with wholesalers. Largely due to the correct choice and well-built relationships with wholesalers, the success of a small specialized shop at the dawn of its existence depends.

We will give some useful tips on choosing a supplier for those who open a store of meat products or just decided to do it.


Let's start with the obvious: the proven name of the supplier on the market. If a potential business partner has a sufficient number of successful regular product deliveries, you can deal with it.

But! A big name is no guarantee of success! But still do not make it the basis of everything - there is always a chance to find an excellent manufacturer / supplier, even if little known, who will be happy to offer high-quality goods at a lower price. First of all, he needs it himself for developing the client base.

Price Quality

As mentioned above, experienced suppliers can guarantee a high-quality product, the same sausage in bulk , but the price for it will be unprofitable for you from any angle, especially if we are talking about deliveries in just one small store.

Therefore! Do not think that people will buy from you - they can go to others!

Selling what others have is more expensive - a guaranteed loss for you, as for a new market player. Look for acceptable trade-offs that will allow you to develop and trade profitably at the very beginning including through the search for little-known but reliable suppliers. From the best meat wholesalers you can expect the best deals now.

We Repeat Once Again: Quality!

In search of acceptable trade-offs between price and product quality, do not forget that quality must in any case remain high! Who needs an expired product you saved on?

Do not forget! Quality should be not only in words!

Require certificates of conformity, sanitary documents, inspect the production (if possible). These are some "codes of honor" of the food industry, which will never let the manufacturer down.

Transparent (And Therefore Profitable!) Partnership Conditions

If you are offered inexplicable or not fully disclosed terms of cooperation, then first discuss it with a lawyer in the know or refuse to work at all.

It's simple - if you start working with misunderstandings and tensions, then problems will definitely arise in the future. Especially if you work with one supplier of meat processing plants that is, depend on a single wholesaler.


If the supplier is not ready to provide a sufficient assortment for filling your store of meat products, then you should look for a partner with a much larger selection. Alternatively, work with several suppliers at once.

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