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What to carry in a hospital bag?

When one reaches the middle of the third trimester, it is the high time to pack up all the essentials that one will need at the hospital during the time of the labour and birth. This is because one never knows when they will need to go to a hospital and so they need to keep their things packed when they are almost 36 weeks pregnant.

Hospital bag for new mom needs certain essential things though different hospitals have different policies. So there are a few things which one might think of taking along though the hospitals will never allow them.

There should be things in the bag which will be needed during the time of the labour and immediately after the baby is born. These are the few things that every woman will need when they are going to give birth. So what should they pack for their labour? Well, they should plan everything from ahead and make a list because anything should not be kept for the last moment.
  • First of all a proper dressing gown is needed to be packed because one should wear something really comfortable when they are facing their early labour. In fact, one should also pack one extra gown because they will need one post delivery when they are transferred again to the ward. Hospital wards are mostly warm and cosy and so one should definitely pack some lightweight dressing gown for their stay in the hospital. One should always carry dark coloured dressing gowns because they will help in hiding any kind of stains.
  • A backless slipper will be very necessary during this time because slip on slippers will be very easy to get on and off. One should also carry 2 pairs of socks because during labour one might feel cold.
  • A proper massage oil should be packed in the bag and also a lotion is very much needed. This is because; one might need proper oil or lotion massage when they are facing labour.
  • A birth ball is also needed to be carried. This can help one to labour very effectively. One can also check whether the hospital if they have the right size. If they do not have the right size, one can pack their own. One should also bring a pump along with it so that the birth partner can inflate that for you.
  • A moisturiser and a lip balm because the hands, feet and the lips can dry out very quickly at this time.
  • One can also take some drinks and snacks along with them if the hospital allows them to do so. During this time, isotonic drinks are good for health. Also one can carry some glucose tablets along with them.
  • A book or a magazine should also be there because they will also need to pass time because there is nothing else to be done in the hospital.
So a pregnancy hospital bag must haves are the above mentioned things.
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