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6 Great Concepts for Distracting Your Toddler

As parents, you shouldn’t be too concentrated on your toddler. You should also have time for yourself. Hence, it would be best to get your toddler preoccupied with something. Thanks to the latest in technology, it is possible to have them play with your apps on your portable device. Here are some concepts that can be taught with the help of apps for toddlers that are good enough to distract them:


One of the first things children will learn is the different shapes. Hence, let this app guide them through the types of shapes. This app is interactive so kids can learn about shapes in a fun manner. In addition, the game helps develop a child’s writing skills and vocabulary.


Some parents teach their kids the alphabet by making them memorize the alphabet song. This is not really effective nowadays as apps for toddlers such as Alphabets encourage kids to love reading at such an early age. Furthermore, kids will learn the alphabet in several languages, not just English. That will definitely help them when you bring them to other countries. Best of all, the game features an addicting song so your child will have a hard time letting go of this one.

Puzzles & Animals

This is the best way to teach your kids the names of the different animals as they’re all illustrated magnificently. Other than teaching what the animals look like, the app also teaches the sounds they make. What’s more, parents can also join on the fun as it is a great way to bond with your kids.


When your kid has good English grammar at such a young age, your peers will be impressed. That is exactly what will happen when they play this easy to play a game. This game teaches kids the different kinds of weather, the names of the all the days in a week, all the body part names and the types of fruits and vegetables.


Kids love colors and this app teaches toddlers the basic colors. In addition, there is lively music that gets your kid energized. People from different cultures would enjoy this too as it is available in 16 different languages. Kids will have an easy time learning to play this game as the instructions are simple. This is one game that will keep your toddler engaged for several hours. Yes, it is that addicting.

Coloring Pages

This app not only improves the color recognition of toddlers, but it also encourages creativity. There is nothing kids would like more than to express themselves and they can do that through this game. Best of all, there are a lot of cute images available and your kids can browse through the gallery until they arrive with one that they like. You can even print you’re the picture after your kid colored it.

These apps for toddlers not only distract your kids, but they also make them learn a lot of things at such an early age. Hence, you won’t have to exert much effort in teaching them about the basic things in life.

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