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Customer Service Strategy: Is the Customer Always Right?

"Go beyond offering customer service of the highest quality," are the wise words uttered by an expert when asked what companies should do to retain the loyalty of customers. This means that you, as the owner of a company, should be ready to travel the extra distance for impressing customers. You may have an excellent team that consists of members who have imbibed all the customer service skills. But unless they become a powerhouse, they can not help you in your big efforts to lift your company to great heights. Let us deliberate more on this point.

That fierce competition prevails in the commercial world is an undeniable fact.

Thanks to the fierce competition that prevails in the commercial world, every company like helpscout thinks that by offering high-quality customer service, they can keep expanding their customer base, retain the customers they have taken into their fold, and grow. But they may be in a shock because the business world is chaotic and a number of factors work in this fascinating but chaotic world. Therefore, no one including experts can be certain that they will see the results they expect to have. 

In this context, the only way to put appropriate strategies in place is to "dominate chaos," as an expert opines. This is corroborated by Will Durant in his book entitled "The Greatest Minds and Ideas of All Time." Entrepreneurs must more particularly read the chapter, “The Ten ‘Peaks’ of Human Progress” in the book. In this chapter, Will Durant defines progress like this. It is “the domination of chaos by mind and purpose, of matter by form or will.” 

To understand this further, you must know how to dominate chaos. The answer is that it is not necessary that you or your team members should take big steps. Even if you take micro steps, you can move towards reaching this aim. Remember that customers play a big role in creating chaos in the commercial world. So, when you make strategies for dominating chaos, you have to plan to dominate your customers as well. 

As soon as they hear this, some experts may yell at the top of their voice that customers should not be dominated because they are always right. According to them, businesses are at the mercy of customers. But the real fact is customers need businesses and businesses need customers. Neither of these two groups need to feel ashamed to admit this fact. 

The question that needs an answer now is: Are customers always right? Do you have to plan your customer service strategy taking this as a universal truth? Let us have an in-depth look into this aspect.

The aim is not to lose customers.

The aim of every company, including yours, is not to lose customers. In fact, it is this aim that has induced people to coin the phrase "customers are always right." This means that even if one of your customers is wrong, you should not take it seriously. On top of it, you should take all possible steps for ensuring satisfaction for the customer so you do not lose her. 

But here is a word of caution. You should not take this phrase as a Biblical command. You should check if the customer is worth keeping. If she is too good to lose, you can ignore her mistakes and take the required steps for retaining her. On the other hand, if the customer has always been giving trouble to you and if she is not worth retaining, there is no fun in ignoring her mistakes, not to talk of taking steps for retaining her. In fact, retaining such customers may turn out to be an expensive blunder.

Study the track-records of the customers and decide.

Instead of wasting your time and money on worthless customers, you are advised to study their track-records before making your customer service strategy for retaining them. Of course, you may have to carry out such exercises only on rare occasions because not all customers may insist that they are right, despite knowing in the cockles of their hearts that they are wrong. 

Of course, there may some good customers who genuinely do not know that they are wrong and that they have committed mistakes. These good customers are worth retaining and hence, you should not mind their insistence that they are right. You can certainly take all possible steps for retaining them. 

Keep this in mind while imparting customer service skills in your customer service employees.

Your training to impart customer service skills in your customer service employees should make these employees understand and know how they should judge customers. They should be able to assess customers and find out if they are genuine and honest or otherwise. If the customers are genuine, they can ignore their mistakes and proceed with the steps that will please them. On the other hand, if the customers belong to the not-so-genuine, trouble-making category, they should see that those customers are shown the doors.

To summarize, your customer service strategy should be all about dominating the chaos you see in the commercial world. Remember that if you fail to be alert, you will allow chaos to dominate you. Of course, if you succeed in knowing as to how to dominate the chaos in your field, you can easily have control over things. This will help you in achieving your growth goals without any hassles.

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