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Keep Water Weight Out Of Your Skip Bin: Three Ways

When you hire a skip bin, you always end up paying extra for the heavy water weight rubbish that gets collected there. Unfortunately, water can only add to the weight of the skips. Here are three tips and more that will help to keep out water weight from your skips.

1.    Avoid throwing out liquid waste – The first step to reducing any possible water weight accumulation on your skip is not to throw any liquid inside it.  In fact many skips hiring companies do not allow you to put certain types of liquid waste into their skips. These can include hazardous liquids such as oil or petrol and chemicals that are not generally allowed in a skip bin. You will have to make a special arrangement for this type of waste.

2.     Dry waterlogged rubbish – Water droplets that are heavy can also sneak into your skip and other items. If you don’t want this to happen, try avoiding putting water logging stuff into your skip. Say, if you are hiring a skip to clean up your garden, try to rake up the leaves during a dryer weather rather than doing clean up  just after a heavy shower.

However, in other cases, it might not be possible to wait for a dryer weather or to wait for the leaves to dry out completely. Also, if you are cleaning out your house after flood damage has occurred, you may end up pulling out a lot of wet carpet or a gypsum board getting soggy. Thus, to prevent excess weight getting inside your skip bin, hang them out to dry before dumping them in your skip.

3.    Cover your skip – This is especially applicable during the season of heavy rains. If you want to prevent that, close the lid of the skip when it is not in use. In case you hire a skip that doesn’t come with a lid, you may want to install the skip in a covered area. For instance, mini skips are small enough to be stored in garages during hire period. When it comes to larger skips, use a waterproof tarp to cover them.

Also, you need to know where the drain is and at the same time be careful about releasing toxins. If you are ready to hire skip bin, contact a skip hiring company  yatala today where they will provide you with skips of all shapes and sizes.  You also need to check if they are able to withstand a considerable amount of weight.

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