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Property investment has been amongst the most profitable and stable investment methods currently available in the market. Upon the volatile nature of shares and commodity trading, a common alternative which provides guaranteed returns are pertaining to the need of property assets which provides steady returns of investments. With real estate business cycles experiencing economic slowdowns at a much slower pace, property investments are the wisest choice by investors willing to put in the commitment for long-term returns. Here, Dubai is the right place for you to start or even expand your investment portfolio. And upon the current economic slowdown of the property industry, off plan real estate projects are the way to go for your current investment needs.

Off plan projects in Dubai are the initial phases of any property development being implemented by developers for the near future. Hence, it is understandable that investors of off-plan projects enjoy maximum discounts and lower fixed market prices!

Opting to purchase a residential or commercial property in its off-plan phase ensures that you will enjoy more profits and revenue in the long running of the site upon its starting date of completion.

Looking towards an exciting new off-plan project with future potential?

Dubai Creek Harbour projects are amongst the highly anticipated properties being introduced, with the development of Bayshore Creek Beach being one of them.

Investing in off-plan projects also allows you to ‘flip’ the property before completion date. This is where you are able to resell the property at a higher market price albeit prior to its handover date.

This practice is not considered a gentleman’s way of business dealing, but it is viable if the current market trend is forecasted to not be favourable on your behalf.

Furthermore, you are entitled for more flexible payment schemes for off-plan projects due to developers hoping to gain more business traction early on.

Buying off-plan projects also allow you to pick the best units available without the fuss of having to accept any leftover units by other purchasing owners!

All these are the benefits enjoyed by purchasing off-plan properties, which you can also find pertaining to the availability of Port de la Mer apartments or  Emaar Arabian Ranches villas and Townhouses.

Port de la Mer apartments are amongst the focus of mainstay travellers and residents looking to enjoy beautiful scenic ocean sceneries surrounding its residential complex.

Off-plan property purchase is just an alternative to various other investment methods available to you. Nevertheless, every investment instrument comes with its own highs and lows which you may need to assess before committing.

Still, Dubai has continued to prove that its real estate industry is here to stay. Thus, this provides ample reasoning as to why its off-plan projects will always be amongst the best investment options for you to choose from.
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