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Top 5 snapchat techniques to help promote your business

Snapchat is one of the fastest growing social media outlets anywhere. These days, it is especially important that businesses use social media opportunities such as snapchat to, first of all, reach the broadest audience possible, and second of all, to appeal to that audience. The best part about this growing trend is that it is very easy to use and at times it can even be fun! Follow these easy methods to using Snapchat for business, and begin your journey to becoming successful. The user base is already at your fingertips!

Snapchat is a great way to market your business, and, importantly, to do it live. Consumers will feel comfortable with your business when they feel they are connected to it. Snapchat can close that gap between large corporations and the average everyday American who has an iPhone.

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  1. If your company is having an event such as an award ceremony or a grand opening, send some quick snaps to your fans to let them know what is happening and get them involved.

  2. With the idea of live marketing comes the second point, which is delivering some form of intimacy. Providing your viewers with private, personal moments at your event will make it even better than if they were actually there!
  1. Third, and on a similar note, show the people something they can only find at your business; something about what makes your business tick. What is happening behind the scenes at a fashion show? How do people set up for a big meal? These are things that consumers love to see because it makes the business seem more real to them. It gets them involved in the process.
  1. The fourth tip for using Snapchat for business is to provide an opportunity for interaction between business and customer. Maybe you can host a gallery of consumer snaps or a small Snapchat challenge. This will get people excited about your product or business, and they will associate that feeling of excitement with your brand, which is precisely what you are trying to do. This also provides a perfect platform for collaboration and communication, which you can use to your advantage in the future. A good challenge or contest will spread your brand like wildfire.
  1. Finally, Snapchat is a great way for your business to team up with influential people to bring attention to your business. There are certain people, celebrities and athletes and such, who, through simply posting a photo or video, can really help you with your business. Consider having a famous person who is somewhat associated with your business goals and you could have a winning combination to reach a huge fan base.
The key ingredient to this 5 step snapchat business process, is to have a clear and concise message, and to have fun doing it. If you have fun, chances are your customers will also have fun, which is the wining factor to social engagement.

Who says social media is bad for business?
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