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Treating PCOs with Ayurveda

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOs is a very common disorder for among young women these days and this happens mostly when they reach their child bearing age. This is the major reason that many women are suffering from infertility these days. This mainly happens as a result of hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body.

The major symptoms are marked by irregular period cycles and high percent of androgens in the women’s body. One can go for Ayurvedic treatment for PCOs at homeas it is a very common and widely chosen alternative because natural remedy is something many women crave for. But again this treatment comes with a lot of dietary norms and restrictions and one should definitely follow them in order for the treatment to work.

Apart from using different types of medicines, this treatment procedure also ask their patients to follow some dietary norms and one needs to stick to that thoroughly in order to get the best effect and relief. Here are certain restrictions that one should follow:

·         One needs to steer clear foods which have to be super refined and processed. One also needs to stay away from white sugar and instead of that they can stick to complex carbohydrates and whole grains.
·         One needs to space out their carbohydrate intake over a period of time especially during the day.
·         One can also drink plenty of water and fluids. One can have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day and it is even a better idea to stay away from caffeinated drinks. In fact Ayurveda never encourages any kind of intake of caffeine.

·         One needs to avoid food items which will make them hungrier. High sugar content food is not allowed when the treatment is in procedure.
·         One should have at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis to increase their immunity.

The syndrome of PCOs can be treated with the help of a few Ayurvedic herbs which contain a lot of medicinal properties. PCOs can happen if there is a sex hormone imbalance and in order to regulate the sex hormones and so one needs to things like milk thistle, dandelion, false unicorn root and many more. Some insulin resistance can also be combated with help of things like neem, tulsi, fenugreek and basil. One can also use some evening primrose oil and fax seeds to order to get some effective result of some cardiovascular ailments. This is because problems related to heart can be an offshoot to PCOs.

The major ingredient which is used to treat PCOs in Ayurveda is castor oil. This can be considered to be an excellent fatty acid which helps in dissolving the cysts formed in the ovary. This can be absorbed in the skin easily and incorporates benefit with lymph vessels and bowels. So this can be considered to be the best Ayurvedic medicine for PCOs. One can just rely on them to get treated better with the problem.
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