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Why Pregnancy Contraction Timer is Needed

Pregnancy is a tenure where one becomes very happy and eager and cannot wait till the baby comes out. It is indeed an exciting period of life when a woman starts to learn how to embrace motherhood and how to carry it forward.

During pregnancy there are a lot of things to take care of and lot of things and apps can be used so that it becomes more convenient for the woman to know more about their pregnancy. Among them one is the online contraction timer. By using this one can get to know about the pattern of contractions present in the body. Now contraction is something which is a form of translator for the body. It can be a regular or a once in a while occurrence.

When one used a contraction timer, it means that one can understand all the patterns of contractions happening in a body. When this happens it also leads to a lot of cervical changes in a body. So, as one cannot get down and check the details that happen in a cervical change, this can be termed as a functioning proxy of a recurring cervical change. But one also needs to find out the difference between the true and the false contractions. When one is in the early phase of pregnancy, then one can face contractions more often. By this, it means that the interval of the two contractions is very small. At some point of pregnancy they also become regular over a period of time. So, the contraction is something that has to happen when one is going through pregnancy.

How this contraction timer works? Well, most women try to adopt the contraction timer when they need to figure out the various stage of labour. The traditional way to find it is by using a stop watch. How can this be done? Well, the partner here has to switch on and switch off the stop watch button when one is facing contraction. In case one misses that, then they have to wait for the next contraction to happen.

Now, how can one differentiate in between a true and a false contraction? Well, a true contraction is something that occurs in the back and then slowly heads towards the abdomen. But the false contractions can take place in the abdomen and then causes some hardening in the belly. When there is true contraction, it keeps getting stronger as time passes. The false contractions on the other hand are irregular and short and they are also not as painful as the true ones.

When one advances to the labour they can use pregnancy contraction timer because the pain goes from mild to severe. The moment of frequency increases and one may have to consult a doctor for that as well. They should immediately head to the clinic at the time of emergency. It is much needed because if there is anything wrong then it is only the doctor who can figure it out and then go for the treatment.

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