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5 Ways to Find More Cash Buyers for Your Real Estate

When it comes to real estate cash really is king and the market is crying out for more investors willing to put their money where their mouth is. The entire process is made so much smoother if even just one person in the chain is paying cash, you avoid all those panicky nights worrying about loan applications and normally property buyers who pay cash will buy as is.

So how do we go about finding these mythical cash cows? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. We’ve put together a helpful guide to help you find the proper property buyers.

Keep Your Friends Close

Do you have a nemesis who keeps swiping investment opportunities from out under you? Is a rival realtor stepping on your turf? If you have property to sell and you know people who buy but you currently see them as the competition you need to switch your perspective. You are stronger together and you never know the opportunities that might not be right for them but would be perfect for you, you can give the first refusal on all properties you’re looking to sell in return. It’s win-win-win-win-win.

Network Network Network

Which brings us smoothly onto the next tip; in property, your net worth is only as good as your network. The world is a massive place but any step you take towards closing the gap between you and the rest of the real estate world is one that was taken in the right direction. There are investors, sellers, and property buyers out there, you just have to find them. Attend any local real estate meetups in your local area, browse online looking for forums, and Facebook/LinkedIn groups. Make friends and influence people.

Get Working On Net Working

We mentioned the internet briefly in our last point but it really deserves its very own category. Nowadays there is a wealth of resources, contacts, and information available to you at the click of a button. More importantly than that though there is a global advertising board for you to post about and attract potential cash buyers to any property you might be looking to sell. Build a website, write a blog, use paid advertisements or purpose-built websites. If you’re online already you’re probably not using it enough and if you’re not at all, why not?

Cold Calling Cash

This one almost feels like cheating but it is possible to obtain lists of potential property buyers thanks to technology and data pooling. Target specific groups of people that seem like they would be real estate investors and then just work your way through knocking on doors, sending emails, and making introductions. If you have 100 names and you contact them all, even if 99 of them ignore you, you’ve still made the sale.

Give Us a Call

Alternatively, if you want an offer on your property within the next 24 hours you could forgo all the above advice and get in contact. We might be your perfect match and we always pay in cash.
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