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Foods to Consume After an Orthopaedic Surgery

After the surgery of the knee or it could be in the form of a fracture the first thing on your mind has to be a healthy recovery. It is taking proper care of the wound with proper dietary habits as well. When it is an orthopaedic surgery there is immense stress on the body as the metabolism of the body is elevated and it happens to be in repair mode as well. The best orthopaedic surgeon has gone on to give some valuable piece of advice. Here most of the nutrients that are available go on to work as building blocks and this is during the post recovery period. The sole objective works out to be a healthy recovery and you can say that it would be obtained from the food that we eat. It is suggested that you go through the foods that does help the recovery process much faster


It goes on to constitute 55 % of the bone volume and as part of the bone healing foods it would seem to be a lot important. If you go on to add this to your diet after a surgery, it will compensate for the bone loss. It is going to reduce the chances of any form of bone complications and enhance the bone mass. If there is a deficiency of proteins it leads to the decrease in the bone growth hormones. It goes on to slow down the process of recovery as well. To obtain the necessary amount of amino acids as part of your diet you should go on to include, peas, spinach etc. as part of your diet.


This works out to be a catalyst for bone formation. After the post-surgery this works out to be an essential mineral. For even the heart calcium is needed to function in a proper manner. Some of the best forms of calcium include low fat milk or cream. In addition to this you can go on to include dark leafy vegetables as part of your diet as well.

Vitamin D

This goes on to work in combination with calcium in order to enhance bone formation. The body is in a position to absorb and then go on utilize calcium. When you explore the best sources of vitamin D sun works out to be the best source. But in the generation of it depends on the time of the year and where you find yourself at that point of time. From fishes like tuna you can go on to obtain a small portion of vitamin D as well.


If you are deficient in this mineral after a surgery you are likely to face difficulty in bone formation. You can come across this mineral in most of the animal foods. The best part of this mineral is that it aids in the process of wound healing. You can find this mineral in most of the non-vegetarian foods and this includes poultry and chicken.
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