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How to layer your clothing in different Seasons

Everyone likes to dress up well but unfortunately some of us have a poor dressing sense. Dressing in style is actually very easy if we follow a few fashion tips and trips. Layering clothing is the key to putting together the perfect outfit. Matching the right top with the correct pant and jacket can leave you looking stunning. When we master the art of layering our clothes correctly, we can put together the perfect outfit. Here are a few fashion rules to live by while layering clothes.

On hot summer days
Pair your spaghetti tops with shorts and a colourful shrugs. Shrugs are light and help protect your skin from skin tan, skin burns and also skin cancer. Cropped tops can also be layered with a shrug and a stole to protect you from the harsh summer sun. You can also wear kimono shrugs with short dresses to put together the perfect summer outfit.

Extremely cold weather conditions
While it is mesmerising to sip on a hot cup of coffee admiring the snow-cappedmountains in hotel room in Shimla, protecting yourself from the extremely cold weather is crucial. Layering your clothes is very important in extremely cold weather conditions. Wear thermals under warm woollen clothing and extreme cold jacket. This is a great way of dressing up for your winter vacation.

On perfect spring days
Spring is a wonderful season where the weather is just perfect and love is in the air. Celebrate spring dressed in colourful floral dresses paired with denim or dark shaded jackets. You can also wear pastel dresses paired with leather jackets. This is also the perfect weather to wear light coloured kurtis with embroidered ethnic jackets.

On rainy days
Layering is very important to keep yourself warm and dry on rainy days. Avoid light clothing and pastel coloured clothing as they get transparent easily when wet. On rainy days wear fabrics that dry quickly such as polyester and nylon. Layer them with warm rain proof jackets and raincoats. Trench coats are also a stylish way of keeping yourself warn and dry during the monsoon. Transparent and bright coloured raincoats also look very stylish. Avoid light clothing and pastel coloured clothing as they get transparent easily when wet.

On mildly cold days
Cold November days are lovely when were home. But getting dressed to go outside can be quite a task. Dressing right can not only keep you warm, it also gives you the confidence to slay the day. In cold weather conditions choose warm full sleeved tops and tunics. Pair them up with warm winter jackets.Wearing woollen cropped tops with high waist denim pants and bomber jacket. This is a great look for coffee dates.

Using these tricks we can put together the perfect outfits and leave our friends and loved ones amused. Soon your friends can only talk about how good your sense of dressing is. The first thing that people notice about you will be your great dressing sense. That will not only make you happy but also boost your confidence. Stylish jackets, cardigans, shrugs and coats are available on several online websites.

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