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What infections to look out for during pregnancy

 Infection during pregnancy is usually nothing to worry about. It's nothing to worry about only if you take care of it in time and don't delay it. Listed here are a list of bad infections that if not properly looked after can lead to severe complications for both you and your baby.

1.    Group B Streptococcus: This infection is not something you can take lightly at all. This is an infection that affects the mother and can be life threatening for the newborn. In most pregnant woman, a case of Group B Streptococcus leads to endometriosis, bladder infection and still birth. This infection is very problematic because in most cases, it does not show any symptoms. This is the sole reason why doctors screen pregnant women once they are in their 35-37 week of pregnancy. Once the result shows positive signs, the women are treated for it when they go into labour. When you contract this infection, you are likely to get your water broken early, you can get premature labour or you can get high level.
2.    Chlamydia trachomatis is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause a lot of problems for pregnant women. It leads to cervicitis, post partum endometriosis and instense gestational bleeding. This infection can spread and can be transmitted to the fetus during the second stage of labour. The good thing about this infection is that you get very specific symptoms like greenish discharge with a bad smell and intense pain during sexual intercourse. Once the disease is contraindicated, a list of medications for infection in pregnancy will be provided to you and you have to take them without fail.

3.    HIV: Once you're in the first trimester of your pregnancy, you will go through a routine HIV test. This is because an early detection of HIV infection can substantially reduce the risk of transmitting the disease to your baby. If a mother is HIV positive, she can under no circumstances breastfeed the baby because the virus also passes through the breast milk.

4.    Rubella: This is another deadly virus that should be detected as early as possible. This virus will not necessarily affect pregnant women but can cause heart and brain defects in the baby. It can also rid them of their hearing capacity and sight. A screening test for this infection takes place during the fourth month of your pregnancy so that the  virus can be detected as early as possible. However there is no going back with this infection and if your blood test is positive for rubella, then it's very likely that your little child will be born with anomalies. Before you get pregnant it is advised by doctors to completely rule of rubella by getting vaccination against it.

5.    Syphilis: This infection during pregnancy can cause something known as congenital syphilis in infants. To prevent this from taking place, an early diagnosis and proper treatment is essential.

Many a times pregnant women get tumors that may or may not be cancerous. For this the doctor may prescribe oncology pregnancy medicine to reduce the size of the tumor and to operate upon it after the delivery.

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