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Prevent Your Computer From Ransomware

Today everyone stores their important data in the computers but what if it is not safe? The main threat which occurs is Ransomware. It is really a matter of concern because it affects everything stored in your PC. No one wants that their computer should be affected by Ransomware as it can really harm everything. Whenever the Ransomware attack occurs, it is usually notified to the victim about the exploit. But the instructions are also given to the victim how they all can be recovered from the Ransomware attack. It is really important to keep your computer safe from such attacks.

What is Ransomware?

It is a malicious code which is launched for the lock screen attacks or data kidnapping by the cyber criminials. The motive behind these Ransomware attacks is monetary which is not usually in the other types of attacks. There are different forms of Ransomware attacks such as worms, wanna-cry, Trojan, cerber, petya etc which are really harmful. Until you pay the ransom, the Ransomware virus will block your access to the computer and it even creates threat to your personal information stored. This restriction is only removed when the ransom is paid so that you can have access to your personal data stored in your PC. The files are encrypted by the attacker on the devices which are affected by attack and then they make money by selling the product but the victim needs to protect their device from such malware attacks.

How to remove Ransomware?

Before removing the Ransomware, it is really important to recognise the Ransomware attack. Whenever the Ransomware virus attacks your personal computer, you won’t be able to access anything. Those cyber criminals who have vast knowledge about the computer programming, generally creates the Ransomware. It is really important to prevent your computer from such malware attacks. It usually enters through the email attachment or any browser if you have visited any website infected with virus. It can be removed by:-
  • Antivirus -You can use antivirus software Ransomware removal tool which will scan everything and remove any Ransomware found in your computer. It is the best way to recognise and remove the Ransomware by using the antivirus software.
  • Backup - Another way to be safe from such Ransomware attacks is to keep backup of the data which is important for you. You can save your important data in the external cloud service or external hard drive.
  • Prevention -Open only those links which you are fully aware otherwise prevent from opening such links or any email attachments through which Ransomware virus is possible. You need not open such links as they can restrict your access to the computer.
However, there is no better way to prevent from the Ransomware is by using the antivirus which will remove the Ransomware. As if it is not done, your important data may get lost and no one wants their data to be lost. You must take care of every link you click for the prevention from such attacks.
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