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Importance Of Barrier Gates

Barrier gates are very important for the security of any kind of property. May it be personal or professional property, you need to have the barrier gates in order to prevent it from trespassers. The barrier gates were earlier operated manually. A man on duty was made to sit and operate the gate. He also used to maintain the record of the person entering and leaving the area. However, this can be done easily with the help of electronic gates which means that they are operated with the help of technology and there is no need for a human to sit and operate them. There have been many advances since the idea and invention of such gates in order to secure the rights of people’s property.

One type among these is the automatic barrier gate, which is used at toll plazas in order to manage and control the traffic so that the toll can be paid at the pay axis by the vehicles crossing it. It is a kind of electromechanical barrier which means that it is electrically operated and comprises of motor and mechanical activity. The user is free to adjust the boom mounting and movement either left or right as per his convenience. The barrier gate can be easily controlled with the help of a lane controller. These gates are very durable and reliable with great tensile strength. Also, they have low maintenance and robustness which is desirable and helps in efficient working on the toll plazas and highways.

Enlisted Are Some Features Of These Gates Which Make Them Desirable :

       They have a very high operating speed which is from 0.6 seconds-0.9 seconds
       These are designed for the places who require day and night working of these gates. Approximately more than 20,000 cycles/day are favoured by such gates
       They also have automated opening and closing function in case a power failure occurs
       These gates possess boom arms which are of different lengths and the traffic barriers can meet any kind of requirement with its help like usage either in the parking area or toll plaza
       Since, the speed of barrier is double, quick opening and closing is favoured with a soft and quiet landing
       These are very easy to operate. Majorly, these are single button operated.
       The balancing system is already set and the user doesn’t need to make any changes

Other than this, one another and very important type that is looked forward to by almost every person is the home gates. While building a property or buying a home, the first and the foremost thing that strikes everyone’s mind is its security. While you are away, there has to be someone to take care of your home. Since it is not possible to afford a guard, you can ease up your burden by purchasing and installing a home gate. These are available in various shapes, sizes and patterns and can be chosen accordingly keeping in mind the outlook of your house.
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