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Is Sun a Foe for Your Hair?

Would you like if your hair gets dry, dirty and filthy? Well, nobody would love to have filthy and ugly hair right? The point is the charm and health of your hair is only in your hand. The more you are careful about your hair and scalp; the better you can feed it with right stuff. You can make sure that your hair stays healthy, real and clean.

Your hair gets damaged from everything if you don’t take care of them. For example, have you ever pondered about Hair protection from sun damage? Yes, Sun rays do put a bad impact on your hair and extensive rays might rip off the hair of its charm and glow.  You cannot simply avoid Sun all the times right? But what you can do is you can nourish your hair in a way that they never get victim of any adverse situations.

You all know that the sun’s rays can damage your skin. But did you know that it can damage your hair too?You know in case your hair has lengthy exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays might hamper and damage the outside cover of the hair strand that is known as the cuticle.  If you are not watchful about your hair, you might regret it.

Are there any signs of Sun damage?

There are many signs of sun damage to your hair and a few of these are like dry and brittle strands, discoloration, broken or split ends, weakening and fizziness. Damaged hair possessesa dry look and feel. Spoiled hair also is unmanageable and are not going to hold a curl or style. Generally, damaged hair dries at a quick pace.If you face any of these things, you might be a victim of extensive Sun rays.
Your hair is specifically vulnerable sun damage if the hair is fine or light-coloured. You have more danger of Sun damage for hair if you are African-American and it is because of the flat and coiled shape of the hair anyhow, if you are not of that nationality, it does not mean you are safe.  However, don’t lose heart or panic because the good news is that you can take measures to protect your hair from the temporary sun. 

Remember fine, lighter hairdo lack the density or pigment that can defend it from the sun’s rays.  Similarly, darker, coarser hair generally is oilier, and its density, darker color and oil covering assist to guard it. African-American hair is delicate due to its shape that is thin, flat and firmly coiled. And Remember, chlorinated water in swimming pools, hot flat irons or rollers or lightening your hair can make it even more susceptible to the summer pressures of heat and sun. These things do damage your hair’s keratin.  The injured protein permits sun and heat to enter the hair more easily and ends up in a fragile hair strand.


Thus, the point is you can guard your hair if you use good hair care products like shampoo Ketomac and make sure that you are keeping your hair less exposed to Sun. you can even use umbrellas, caps and scarfs if you cannot avoid Sun. Remember, extreme Sun rays are a foe for your beloved hair!

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