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Flaunt your beauty this summer with these handy tips

Every girl desires to flaunt their beauty but with the approach of the summer season they often get frightened. The rising temperature and scorching heat brings hair and skin problems with it such as split ends, scalp and skin infection, tanning, acne and rashes. From avoiding chemicals to exfoliating, below are few expert tips that will help girls to protect their tresses and skin during the scorching summer.

Expert beauty tips for the summer

Every girl wishes to look cool and fresh. So below are some expert tips that will help them look great during the summer time. These include:

 Follow a healthy diet- Girls can make seasonal fresh fruits their best pals this summer. With the scorching summer in full swing, along with drinking water, a healthy summer diet should also comprise of healthy and light food that will ensure a cool body and mind. For keeping the skin hydrated, consume fresh fruits as well as green vegetables in plenty. One can include vegetables and fruits such as cucumber, spinach, bitter gourd, lychee, plums, cherries, oranges and watermelons. These are highly nutritious as they have abundant supply of minerals, anti-oxidants, vitamins and fiber.

Pursue the essential routine- Right from a walk in the sweaty and steamy weather outside to dry air-conditioned homes; one should pay attention to their summer skincare. It is advisable to follow the ritual of cleansing, toning as well as moisturising two times daily for best results.

Happy feet- It is during summer months when one’s feet becomes a target of assorted potential foot maladies such as smelly feet, fungal infections and eczema that is socially embarrassing. It is best to wear open sandals during summer for keeping the feet dry and enabling them to breathe. Like the other parts of the body, one’s feet too are subject to tanning and sunburn. Using sunscreen at the day time and a lightweight moisturizer during the evening will work wonders.

 Hair woes- During summers, the hair tends in being moisture-deprived so overusing any hair styling tool and chemical should be a complete no no. Shampooing leads to loss in shine and moisture. Thus it is advisable in switching over to a shampoo that is gentle along with using a deep conditioner for replenishing the moisture loss. One can also massage their hair by mixing together olive, castor and coconut oil for keeping the hair nourished. For those who prefer homemade remedies, whisking 2 egg yolks together with a little mayonnaise and applying this mask will help to condition the hair. Wash this off gently after 15 minutes.

By following these tips diligently, one can add the extra touch to their beauty this summer. So, get going shop online at your favourite fashion  store  buy some accessories and welcome the summer with a smile.
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